Friday, September 13, 2019

Lib Dems hold Bishop's Castle with 71 per cent of the vote

Because of my caring commitments I find it hard to get to Shropshire these days. And I am worried about what will happen next time I try to visit Bishop's Castle.

I envisage finding a grassy hillside and a conversation with a passing shepherd something like this:
Where's the town gone? 
Yes, Bishop's Castle. 
Never heard of it.
But it was here. The high street ran up this steep hill. There were two pubs that brewed their own beer and the best second-hand classical record shop I know. Oh and the Liberal Democrats got 71.4 per cent in a local by-election here recently. 
It doesn't sound very likely, does it?
Here is the evidence that I have not imagined the bit about the by-election at least.
You will see that 71.4 per cent actually represented a slight fall in the Lib Dem vote.

I was going to say "You can see why I like this town," but the ward also takes in the countryside all the way north to the Stiperstones.

Unless I imagined those too.

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