Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Six of the Best 883

"If the Lib Dems can paint themselves as the only party that can end the whole Brexit debate, and moreover do so quickly, I think the party can pick up a huge number of seats in a snap election." Nick Tyrone says our slogan at the next election should be 'Revoke and Make it Stop'.

Alison Faulkner looks at the use and misuse of the concept of 'recovery' in mental health.

The death of Richard Booth, the self-styled King of Hay-on-Wye. leads David Boyle to mourn the lost radicalism of the UK.

"The same year saw her adventure novel The Mystery That Never Was rejected by Macmillan on the grounds that, 'there is a faint but unattractive touch of old-fashioned xenophobia in the author's attitude to the thieves: they are "foreign" ... and this seems to be regarded as sufficient to explain their criminality'." Charles Connelly shows that controversy over Enid Blyton's books is nothing new.

David Glover watches himself as an eight-year-old philosopher.

Down at Third Man watched Jofra Archer menace the Australians at Lord's.

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