Sunday, September 22, 2019

Little River Band: It's a Long Way There

This is another of those records that I heard once on the radio years ago and could only identify when they invented the internet - Sympathy and Say It Ain't So Joe are other examples.

I only recently tracked this one down because I was convinced the opening lines (which are really all I remember from it) mentioned "something in the air" and searching for that fills your screen with Phil Collins and Thunderclap Newman.

The mystery is how I came to hear it at all. The Little River Band were big in the US but enjoyed much less success here.

This, their first single, dates from 1975 and I relied on Radio One for my music in those days. By then I had even stopped listening to Radio Luxembourg under the bedclothes when I was meant to be asleep.

So who played this on wonderful Radio One 44 years ago? My money is on Johnnie Walker, by far the station's coolest DJ of that era.

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