Saturday, September 07, 2019

The new issue of Liberator is out - and why you should subscribe

The new Liberator has arrived, which is pretty impressive seeing as I was still writing for it this time last week.

Soon I will inflict Lord Bonkers' latest writings on you, and maybe my review of the new Social Liberal Forum publication The Wolves in the Forest.

But this evening let's do what every reader does and turn first to Radical Bulletin, the feature that tells you what is really going on in the Liberal Democrats.

There you will find the answer to these questions:

  • Which Lib Dem leadership contended sacked their campaign chief halfway through the recent contest?
  • Which seat says it has been told by party HQ to stand down its candidate in favour of Plaid Cymru?
  • Which seat where we polled 3.3 per cent last time round is being treated as a target?

Once again the moral is clear: subscribe to Liberator.

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