Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Jets over the Stiperstones

News reaches me from Shropshire that people living in and around the Stiperstones are being plagued with noise from passenger jets.

Peter Phillips, the doyen of Shropshire Liberals, says:
"From about 6 in the morning till 9.30 there is a constant stream of planes. As they take quite a few minutes to pass over, one is seldom free from their noise. Through the day, with less frequency, this continues and then another 'rush hour' in the evening."
The planes, which are not visible, are flying from north to south.

Peter suggests that this is a result of the governments total liberalisation of flight paths as the planes were previously routed over the Irish Sea.

The Conservative MP for the area has so far been less than responsive, but Worthen's Liberal Democrat councillor Heather Kidd is on the case.

Who knows? This may come to rival the Ratlinghope potholes as an issue in the Bishop's Castle by-election.

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