Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Harborough Museum: Corsets and Iron Age treasure

Exciting news about my local museum from the Harborough Mail:

Work to revamp Harborough Museum to allow it to display one of the most significant Iron Age finds in Britain is to start next week (Oct 27).

The South East Leicestershire Treasure – a haul of more than 5,000 silver and gold coins and a silver-plated Roman helmet found in a field near Harborough seven years ago – is due to go on display in the museum from spring 2009 in a £934,000 project.

The museum will close on Monday to allow the improvement work to go ahead in preparation for its arrival.

I wrote about this haul of treasure last year.

Hitherto, the Harborough Museum has been best known for its collection of corsetry. The building in which it is housed, along with the district council offices and town library, used to be a factory owned by R. & W. H. Symington.

There aren't many people who can say they used to be members of a council that met in a converted corset factory.

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