Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shropshire Star says "Stop Lembit" campaign has succeeded

When my favourite newspaper speaks, you have to listen:

The Liberal Democrats’ unofficial campaign to stop Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik from becoming party president appears to have succeeded, it was reported today.

Sources say Mr Opik has secured the support of only six of the Liberal Democrat MPs - less than a tenth of the total.

The view is that Mr Opik’s relationships with the weather forecaster Sian Lloyd and Gabriela Irimia, one half of the Cheeky Girls, have embarrassed the party, not least its leader, Nick Clegg.

One insider described Mr Opik as ‘a joker’.

Though the Star calls Ros Scott the favourite, the truth is that no one really knows. Lembit certainly has the higher profile, but I suspect the wider Lib Dem membership, like the wider public, now views him more as an irritant than as a lovable, cheeky chappie.

Anyway, we shall soon see.

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Anonymous said...

Posted my ballot for Ros no 1 - Chandila Fernando no 2 (as i think he has some good ideas).

I couldn't give two hoots who Lembit sleeps with or what he drives - i do though give two hoots if it distracts him from doing the job he needs to do.

Ros is the FIRST person to explain what the Presidency is/does and then to do a campaign based on that framework. By doing that you know that if there's time she can expand that framework if need be.