Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nick Clegg interviewed in Nouse

In my day Nouse was the University of York student newspaper. Now it appears to have evolved into a website.

Today it has posted an interview with Nick Clegg by Peter Campbell:
At home, Clegg feels the public has been let down. “We have a system that is not democratic, not transparent, over-centralised, and unfair. Our Government holds the purse strings in a more centralised fashion than any other country except Malta.” He pauses. “Now Malta, is the size of Croydon."


Niles said...

Assuming he was talking population, "Leeds" might have been a better example for places north of the Trent. Sheffield's too big.

LibCync said...

"The" student newpaper? What about Vision, the slightly more grown-up alternative? :)

I remember suggesting to the then political editor of Nouse that each party should write a piece introducing themselves and their policies in the freshers week edition of the paper.

Eventually they agreed but when the three pieces came out they had titled ours with the comment "and jumping on the bandwagon again". Sigh. I'm not still bitter honest...(it's only been 15 years)

Anonymous said...

Nouse is still primarily a print newspaper Jonathan, but we now have a very successful online edition too.

libcync, where's vision's website then, this is 2008 after all!

LibCync said...

Fair point anonymous. Nouse does seem to have improved a lot. I was talking about the situation 10-15 years ago. Maybe the balance has now shifted?