Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and the credit crunch

Writing for the Wealth Bulletin, Mike Foster draws some imaginative parallels between the excesses of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross and the excesses that led to the credit crunch:
On one level, the affair matters not a jot. But it also demonstrates the way in which people like Brand and Ross overreach themselves after enjoying the adulation of millions, and salaries to match.

The effect of this kind of leverage on animal spirits were also on display in the financial markets of 2007, when investors and financiers became masters of the universe, after using cheap debt to build business empires and boost their personal bottom line.


Anonymous said...

What a thoroughly despicable character Jonathan Ross is, not only has he behaved like complete trash in making evil taunts to a respected old actor but now he is behaving like a real bully boy threatning to sue the BBC. Over the last two years I have lost all respect for the BBC and if they don't get rid of that Ross thug I really think it is time for the BBC itself to go, they have dragged this country through the mud. They should be ashamed of having given him a show in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That Ross thug???he's a middle aged man that lives in the burbs, hardly what you'd call dangerous. He's no fred and rose west or harold shipman, he just made a childish phonecall. You should grow up and stop overreacting

Anonymous said...

you should all spend your time more usefully.