Wednesday, October 29, 2008

National Black Police Association: A case of mistaken identity

From the Guardian website:

Members of the National Black Police Association (NBPA) probably did not expect the keynote speaker at their annual conference to suggest the organisation might be guilty of racism.

But that's what happened when an invitation mix-up led to the wrong MP addressing the event.

Instead of the former shadow home secretary David Davis, his near namesake David Davies, the Tory MP for Monmouth, was invited - and delivered a highly critical speech.


Frank Little said...

What a cock-up! You would thing that the NBPA would be more politically aware.

Anonymous said...

Very funny.
Would the same happen at the White Police Association Conference?
Oh, there isn't one.

Martin S said...

Gosh. Hope they are better at going after named people when they have arrest warrants in their hands.