Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let Mark Kermode present Film 2008

Time to remember a suggestion of mine from this time last year:
I am watching Film 2007 and BBC's Jonathan Ross is dull, dull, dull.

The BBC has a broadcaster on film who would make it a more interesting programme overnight: Mark Kermode. He was on Newsnight Review with Matthew Sweet a couple of weeks ago. Both are infinitely more interesting on film than Ross is.

With Ross you always suspect a conflict of interest. If he gives big Hollywood names bad reviews, will they refuse to appear on his chat show next time round?


Nich Starling said...

But Mark Kermode is smug, smug, smug and a film elitist.

Frank Little said...

I agree that Kermode is a contender, along with Matthew Sweet himself and Alex Cox. They do have their quirks, though. One of the reasons I hardly ever viewed Ross's "Film 200n" is because of his overt love of fetishistic movies.

My money is on Francine Stock, who is no stranger to TV (used to be a "Newsnight" presenter, if I recall correctly), but who has really lifted Radio 4's "Film Programme" since she took it over.

Andy said...

Yes to Mark Kermode (in fact I suggested this last night on my own blog!). Norfolk Blogger: I'm sorry, you are quite wrong. Mark is often alone in saying he has found something attractive in films that have otherwise received a complete slagging off in the critical press. Witness, for instance, this week's review of High School Musical 3.

Jonathan, I take it you listen to the Kermode 5 Live reviews? Anyone who doesn't really should. There's a podcast, there's no excuse.

Jonathan Calder said...

And what does "a film elitist" mean anyway?

Anonymous said...

What Alex Cox up to these days? Would love to see him combine Film 2009 with a new series of Moviedrome.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I'd use the phrase film elitist, if it does have a worthwhile meaning I don't think it would apply to him. I was veering more towrards describing him as a know-nothing, thinks he's it tosser who deserves not to present Film 2008, but rather to be brutally smacked upside the quiff.