Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shami Chakrabarti celebrates the defeat of 42 days

Good stuff in the Guardian:

From Diane Abbott and Frank Dobson on the left to David Davis and Dominic Grieve on the right, democratic politicians came together to say "enough is enough". Let the misnamed, misguided "war on terror" that replaced law and ethics with permanent exceptionalism be over. Let a new anti-terror effort begin, based on the values that bind our society together and distinguish it from those where tyranny and terrorism are rife.

Make no mistake: their lordships were glorious – the cross-bench independents in particular. The home secretary's statement last night seemed to revive the discredited yah-boo of which party is really "serious" about public protection.

Lord West knew better than to try such nonsense in the Upper House where any suggestion that the likes of Lady Manningham Buller or Lord Dear might be soft on terror would be met with the derision it deserves.

Now read Chris Huhne on the same subject.

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