Sunday, October 26, 2008

The New Statesman on Liberal England

Last week the New Statesman included a supplement on Politics and the Internet Age. In it the editor of the magazine's website offered a list of his 10 favourite political blogs and (hem, hem) Liberal England is one of them.

Ben writes:

Jonathan Calder holds his end up well in the competitive world of the blogosphere. A one-time speech writer for Paddy Ashdown and Liberal Democrat councillor, he’s also behind the comic creation that is Lord Bonkers – Liberal MP for Rutland South-West between 1906 and 1910.

Calder’s blog is an eclectic mix of musical choices, random news items from Shropshire (where he doesn’t live), and political news and views. It’s also a mine of information on Liberal Party history and characters.

If you like his blog, you’re sure to like his regular column on Calder’s Comfort Farm.

Of course, you may say he is biased because I also write a column for the New Statesman. Then again, maybe he asked me to write the column because he likes this blog?