Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Liberator interviews the three Lib Dem presidential candidates

The next issue of Liberator poses the same six questions to all three Lib Dem presidential candidates:
  • What relevant experience will you bring to the presidency?
  • The presidency has three functions that do not necessarily sit well together – representing the party to the leadership, acting as a figurehead at functions, and chairing the Federal Executive. Which of these will you be best at, and which worst?
  • Will COG (the Chief Officers Group proposed by the Bones Commission) make the party run more smoothly or will it create a democratic deficit?
  • The party is in a poor financial state and its fund-raising activities have been neither transparent nor scandal-free. What will you do to improve the situation?
  • The next major election campaign will be the 2009 European election but the party is divided over strategy. Some argue that the party should campaign like it did in 2004 (i.e. focus on local target wards and not mention European issues). Others argue that the party should fight on a pro-European platform to avoid coming fourth behind UKIP again. They cannot both be right. Which strategy do you prefer?
  • “We can win everywhere.” Really?
That issue will be with subscribers in a week or so. But as a special service to party members making up their minds how to vote, we have posted the candidates' answers on the magazine's website today.


Anonymous said...

If the teeny-weeny picture of Lembit on that page isn't a sign of a conspiracy then I don't know what is! :-)

Jonathan Calder said...

That glitch has been fixed by the people at Liberator Towers.