Monday, October 27, 2008

A website devoted to Traffic's Chis Wood

Last month I reported that Vulcan, the long-lost Solo album by Traffic's Chris Wood, was about to be released.

Now there is also a website devoted to his career:
Chris was a founder and member of Traffic from 1967 until 1974. One of the most popular and respected groups of the rock era, Traffic’s unique sound was the result of the distinctive talents and musical tastes of it’s members, which originally included Chris, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Steve Winwood. 
Although Traffic was an immensely popular band in its day, Chris Wood was then, and remains today, an enigmatic figure, even to knowledgeable fans. Rarely giving interviews, Chris instead remained focused on the band, and making music – that was his calling, and his life. Now, after many years his family and friends are excited and pleased to reintroduce Chris and his special gifts to the world.
Best known as an instrumentalist, on flute and saxophone Chris created textures, colors and a range of moods that were unique in the rock music context. Behind the scenes he did much more than that, playing a crucial role in shaping Traffic’s music. This is the Chris Wood that the fans don’t really know. Band-mate and longtime friend, Jim Capaldi described him this way: 
“He was the keeper – kind of like the gate keeper – making sure that it (the music) never got too twee, too cute. He was always either saying something or putting his vibe in – playing ‘bloo-eeeh’ on the sax somewhere – just to kind of go ‘What the fuck is going on? It’s too neat!’ He always had that – which is the mark of geniuses. It is. It was that spirit, that vibration, when you were in somebody’s presence. It was brilliant, he was brilliant. He was the keeper of that.” 
Since his death in 1983, Chris’s spirit has continued in the hearts of his family, friends and fans, as well as in the recorded music of Traffic. But thankfully there is more to come. Recordings for his proposed solo album, Vulcan, will be released in 2008, and his biography – eight years in the making – is nearing completion.
So please come inside and meet Chris Wood…
You can hear and see him playing on Traffic's Freedom Rider.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes yes, he was brilliant. This man was such a great musician. He was probably a talented visual artist as well. He was just a multi-talented guy for sure! I know he gave up his dream to go to art school for music. I am from the younger generation, but just discovered who the flute and sax player in the Traffic was. I will recommend this album. Thanks.

Kristian Rex said...

I saw them in 1972, was invitied by Winwood to sit at the end of his grand piano and I have never seen a better concert since then. I have been trying to find out, what effects box did Chris Wood use on stage? I know he used a wha-wha pedal, but there was this box he had. Does anyone out there know? Kristian

Anonymous said...

I see the Facebook page of Chris Wood (Traffic) announced a new album package (vinyl/cd/book) being developed by Hidden Masters