Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vince Cable worship and other Sunday newspaper stories

Scotland on Sunday has an interview with Vince Cable, the Sunday Telegraph has a respectful profile and Suzanne Moore in the Mail on Sunday wants to know why he is not running the country:

Everyone likes him. He predicted this crisis but is not crowing about it. He is comprehensible, calm and human. Can’t we just get him to sort it all out?
Elsewhere, the Sunday Telegraph says that Tony Blair personally intervened to secure Formula One's exemption from the tobacco advertising ban just hours after meeting Bernie Ecclestone. Not a pretty straight kind of guy at all then.

And the Mail on Sunday says that Schillings is offering protection from public scrutiny to people who have profited from short-selling on the stock market.

Norman Baker says "Trying to hide doesn’t seem right." Schillings declined to comment.

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Anonymous said...

On the subject of protection from public scrutiny;this week Schillings will at the 2008 International Bar Association conference in Buenos Aries 12 – 17 Oct discussing Protection of Information in multi jurisdiction litigation around the world. I expect they will be discussing the fact that they failed to get an injunction preventing the freedom of speech website, Global Witness, from publishing the fact that Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso - the son of the President of the Congo used the national income of the impoverished country on luxury goods for himself, citing the judgment in Hong Kong as a reason to enforce one here.
To save time here is the link to the judgment and the Global Witness website for the attendees in Argentina: