Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christian the lion cub from Harrods

I have just been watching a repeat of the documentary The Lion Cub from Harrods through the snow on Channel 5. You can view it on the station's website.

There is also a book on him: A Lion Called Christian. And the Youtube clip that made him famous again after 40 years is here (but turn the sound down).

Now read about Christian's famous friends.


dreamingspire said...

Took you a few days to face up to the roar of a big cat, then. I once had what to me was a big cat, a large Burmese Tom, all muscle. Glad I never really got him angry. He came to me third hand, along with his beautiful and affectionate little sister, and nearly killed next door's cat as he established his territory - I saw one of the fights, generating a ball of flying fur 6ft in diameter.

pharmacy said...

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NigelKellett said...

I remember regularly visiting the Pet Shop in Harrod's throughout the sixties, about every couple of months, and seeing all sorts of exotic animals, very possibly seeing Christian himself.
From the age of 11 months old, around Christmas 1959, I used to get my haircut with Miss Barnes at the Harrod's Children's Hairdressing Department, until I was about 8; then I was sent down to Mr Engel in the Gentlemen's Hairdressing in the basement, having to sit on a padded plank set upon the arms of the barber's chair to give me height.
Apart from the wonderful rocking horse, which had to go away to be re-maned, tailed & painted occasionally, and the Tintin books in the Children's Hairdressing, we almost always used to pop to see the Pet Shop in the same corner as the Children's Hairdressing, but on the next floor, and carried on doing so well into the seventies.