Thursday, March 26, 2009

Liberal England reveals censorship of MPs' web use at Westminster

At least I think this revelation is down to me.

The BBC reports:
MPs are prevented from surfing the internet for pornographic and other "inappropriate" material in their Commons offices.
And one of the pages deemed inappropriate by the authorities is the one on the Daily Sport site which archives Lembit Opik's columns for that organ. I suspect it is the accompanying funbags.

The BBC says this censorship was brought to his attention by fellow Lib Dem MP Adrian Sanders.

And how did Adrian discover it?

Judging by his comments on the post, it was when he tried to access Lembit's columns after reading this blog.

Looking at pornographic websites would be less damaging than many of the things MPs do, but I suppose they should pay for their pleasures like the rest of us.

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ceedee said...

Spookily prescient!
Who's going to win the Grand National?