Monday, March 30, 2009

Fred Titmus and Rutland

I picked up a secondhand copy of Fred Titmus's autobiography on Saturday. Fans of Half Man Half Biscuit will be disappointed to learn that it is not called Fuckin' 'Ell, it's Fred Titmus but the prosaic My Life in Cricket.

You can read a brief summary of his long career here - he won 53 Test caps over 19 years and played county cricket in five decades, between 1949 and 1982.

Beyond that he did not get on with Mike Brearley or Geoff Boycott and was evacuated to Rutland and Leicester as a little boy during World War II.

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DavidB said...

Titmus may not have liked Brearley, but he responded to his request to leave the spectators' benches to play on what Brearley perceived to be a turning wicket - as one of three spinners alongside Emburey and Edmonds if I recall rightly - and help win the game in his last ever County Championship match in 1982.