Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lynne Featherstone and the Ancient Order of Coders

Despite what PR Week and Labour List think, it seems that Lynne Featherstone is not planning (at least yet) to mobilise an army of bloggers.

Mark Pack said she was not in a comment on my original post. Now Lynne has written about her plans on her own blog:
For those who volunteered to help fill the gap in some of our coding and technical resources by filling in my survey a few weeks ago - the next event is a meetup in London later this month.
My better nature writes: So are you now satisfied that there is not a bloggers' summit from which you have been excluded?

Yes, but what about this from Lynne?
It was really good to see lots of people come to hear Howard Dean on Saturday at the special event for coding volunteers at our Harrogate conference this weekend.
I am sure it was fun to meet "People-Powered" Howard, but why was this event confined to coders? Coding is a valuable skill, but there are many other people in the party who could usefully have met hm too.

My better nature adds: But you weren't even in Harrogate!

That is not the point. These coders are an ancient and secretive sect. They must be watched.


Jennie Rigg said...

You got the outfit wrong:


Costigan Quist said...

I'm not a coder, but I used a Mission Impossible-style disguise to blag my way into the Howard Dean meeting, so it was possible.

The only real pain was having to drug Dr Pack and lock him in a cupboard before I assumed his identity; then convince him later that he'd actually been to the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should make wearing that costume mandatory if people want to be let in to the next event :-)

(The boring serious point is that we have and are doing quite a lot with other groups of people - such as the annual blog of the year awards at conference - and so the events with coders are to catch up on that front, where up to now we've not done nearly as much.)

Frank Little said...

Coders? Can these people do octal arithmetic and calculate absolute addresses for machine code jump instructions? Have they ever seen a plugboard or spliced paper-tape?

Young people today, mutter, mutter, [continued on a blog in a distant time-frame].

Niles said...

The Lib Dems certainly got value for money from Howard Dean, who apart from his platform speech, which many took much value away from, he also had a large number of private meetings with different groups of party people, including coders, bloggers and campaigns officers. Those are just the few that crossed my radar. I think we kept him quite busy.

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