Friday, March 20, 2009

Corden and Horne

I did not watch Corden and Horne. Judging by the Guardian's digest of the reviews, I did not miss much.

But the reason I did not watch it is that I was sick to death of seeing the trailers for it. It seemed to be advertised every time a programme ended on BBC1.

If you see anything trailed that often, you will be put off it. I ignored the third series of Little Britain for just the same reason.

By promoting its own product so relentlessly the BBC weakens the case against it taking commercial advertising.

And if it is so hard to persuade anyone to watch BBC3, maybe the corporation should save money and shut the channel down?


Andy said...

Indeed. BBC 3 has produced very little worth setting time aside to watch. About the best thing it's for is Family Guy.

dreamingspire said...

Its not just BBC3. I didn't watch Red Riding for the same reason: it was trailed too much.

Andy said...

Oh god yes, and how much patting themselves on the back did they want to get into those Red Riding trails?!