Monday, March 23, 2009

The Jam: And Your Bird Can Sing

Because I was so knackered last night my Sunday video has become a Monday video - or a Monday audio to be more exact.

It is time to continue my way circling of The Beatles with another cover version. A year ago it was Across the Universe by Laibach: tonight it is The Jam.

In fact, an authoritative comment on Youtube suggests that this is not by The Jam so much as by Paul Weller. This is a demo version with him playing all the instruments. It reminds you that his demo is the classic version of That's Entertainment.

Whoever is playing on it, it comes from The Jam CD Extras. And very good it sounds too.

Maybe one day I will listen to the original version by The Beatles.


Alan Smart said...

Love this song - never knew of this cover- and I love the Jam - so thanks

Re Beatles version- if you ever get around to it, listen to theA nthology outake version. They are all clearly high as kites whnen playing, but the song just rocks

By the way, did you know this song is about Frank Sinatra - nothing at all to do with birds ( women) but Lennon's sarcastic take on Fanks "birds", a term he used for h rta pack mates. Frank had just said he did not "get" the Beatles in a magazine article lennon had just read

Listen to it with this knowledge - a whole new take on one of my fav beatles song

And what a guitar riff - by George Harrison or Paul Weller

Anonymous said...

Please use a spell-checker the next time you post.

Unknown said...

There is a much earlier unplugged demo version of this when they first played it in the studio with my brother, who was the studio engineer, playing keyboards.