Friday, March 13, 2009

Zoe Williams goes private

In his new collection of articles Waiting for the Etonians Nick Cohen writes:
The left is no threat to the wealthy any longer. Being a leftist is a lifestyle choice. It carries no costs and no obligations.
You can see what he means. Here is Zoe Williams, the Guardian's most irritating columnist, today:

I went to one of those private clinics, where if you're lucky you see Charlotte Church (she had a scan every week of her first pregnancy; I think maybe she liked the smell of the ultrasound goo - and also she is incredibly rich).

I am implacably opposed to private medicine, but the minute push comes to slightly harder push, here I am, in a low-lit waiting room with tasteful pregger-art (isn't-the-female-form-marvellous! bronzes) and eerily polite receptionists.

We all have our hypocrisies, but Williams obviously expects her readers to find her actions funny and endearing.

As I asked last month, discussing Carol Thatcher and Gollygate:
Surely morality is about what one does as well as what one says?
Oh, and Williams has a habit of editing Wikipedia entries in an odd way too.

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Jane said...

Williams seems to think that giving herself the labels "left" and "feminist" give her a let out clause for any kind of prejudice or "political incorrectness", ageism for example, this article:,
on allotment holders is typical. A couple of years ago she wrote an article complaining that when she went to the National Archive it was full of old people researching their family histories, while she was researching black people in Lewisham for a book.

As a retired person who grows vegetables and researched my family history, she really gets on my wick.