Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nick Clegg loses his public school hair

Chris Dillow - who writes Stumbling and Mumbling and is the only man who could challenge Lord Bonkers for the title "Sage of Rutland" - said recently:

As I walked to the gym the other day, I happened to pass kids coming out of schools. And one thing leapt out at me - public school students look different from state school ones. So much so that, if you put a random group of teenagers from both in front of me dressed similarly, I’d be confident of telling them apart ...

There’s such a thing as public school hair; Nick Clegg, David Cameron (when a little younger), Boris Johnson and his ex-deputy Tim Parker all have it.

Well, as the Sun points out, Nick has lost his public school hair:

Gone is Cleggy’s traditional side-parting fop look.

He took to the stage to close his party’s spring conference in Harrogate, North Yorks, on Sunday sporting a short, tight, directional-haired coiffure that, The Whip thinks, also looked rather darker than his natural, rusty hue.

Not wishing to get drawn into any "does Nick dye his hair?" controversy, I shall merely pass on Chris's observation that "Oakham schoolgirls seem to be in a Diana Vickers lookalike competition".

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