Friday, March 20, 2009

Vince Cable interviewed by the Harborough Mail

The Harborough Mail website has a video of an interview with Vince Cable.

It was recorded during his visit to the town yesterday.


Pete said...

I have to say that I can't see the words "Market Harborough" without thinking about Chesterton's telegram:
"Am in Market Harborough. Where should I be?"
And indeed this site is not alone in claiming it as his most famous quote. Yet I see no reference to it on your numerous MH posts. Is there not a plaque in the Post Office?


Jonathan Calder said...

The town post office was closed a few years ago, but there was never a plaque there.

I should have campaigned for one while I was a councillor. Would the Chesterton Society pay for it?

Pete said...

LOL - I don't know, but it has the makings of a fine slogan for the MH Tourist Board (no, no - don't tell me ...)

"Market Harborough" "Where you should be."

(Or at lease a T-shirt.)