Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Great Liberal England Book Quiz: A reminder

Don't forget to enter my competition to win one of three copies of Eamonn Butler's The Rotten State of Britain.

The book has been reviewed by Stumbling and Mumbling:

The Rotten State of Britain aspires to be The State We’re In for the 00s. It’s not - and not just because it is a much easier read than Hutton’s tome.

Whereas his was a narrative about our economy and society, most of The Rotten State of Britain is a series of attacks upon New Labour’s failures, with chapters such as “spin“, “snoopers“ and “nannies“. Naturally, some of these hit their targets better than others. Butler is good on civil liberties and the absurdities of red tape. And I think he‘s wise to not pin the blame for the banking crisis (which he scarcely mentions) upon the government.

However, his whinges about “multicturalism” and “Winterval” suggest he’s overdosed on the Daily Mail.

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