Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When the Harrods lion cub met James Bond and Emma Peel

Forget MPs' expenses and the brouhaha in the Commons. The story everyone wants to read about (judging by Statcounter) is Christian the lion from Harrods.

So here are some more memories of his adventures in the Swinging Sixties, as recounted in the Evening Standard:
Christian proved boisterous, affectionate and playful and became a local celebrity. "A pregnant Mia Farrow came in and played with Christian," says Rendall. "She wasn't at all scared. Nor was Diana Rigg, but, hey, she's an Avenger!"

Unfortunately, their fellow Australian, 007 star George Lazenby, was too scared to come into the shop when he spotted Christian in the window. "I know, big butch George," sniffs Rendall.

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