Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bob Russell should know there is only one Lord Bonkers

Writing on the Sky News site, Jon Craig reports the spat between Lord Hanningfield and our own Bob Russell:

The Lib Dem MP harrying his Lordship is Bob Russell, the rather eccentric but tirelessly campaigning MP for Colchester who used to be a journalist on local papers in Essex and a sub-editor on London's Evening News and Evening Standard.

Eccentric? Certainly. Bob has handed me a dossier on Lord H, who's a former pig farmer, with a Bugs Bunny cartoon and "Lord Bonkers" on page one and the headline "A Lord with his snout in the trough!" on page two.

Why then, you might well ask, does Bob Russell think pig farmer Lord H is such a swine? Because Essex County Council wants to close two secondary schools in Colchester, that's why.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of secondary school reorganisation in Colchester, there is only one Lord Bonkers.

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