Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Those Norwich North candidates in full

BBC News has the list of candidates in the by-election (polling is on 23 July):

  • Peter Baggs (Independent)
  • Thomas Burridge (Libertarian Party)
  • Anne Fryatt (None of The Above Party)
  • Bill Holden (Independent)
  • Laud Howling (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
  • Craig Murray (Put An Honest Man into Parliament)
  • Chris Ostrowski (Labour)
  • April Pond (Liberal Democrat)
  • Rupert Read (Green)
  • Chloe Smith (Conservative)
  • Glenn Tingle (UK Independence Party)
  • Robert West (British National Party)

Note that Ian Gibson is not standing.


Stephen Glenn said...

The None of the Above Party is too close to the front of the alphabet. They missed a trick there.

MAC said...

"None of the above" is actually called NOTA because the rules laid on the electoral commission by parliament prohibit the phrase in a parties name. (I wonder why ???)

But the "ZZZZ party" suggests a nice kip maybe..

But it's the sentiment that really counts..