Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bradgate revisited

I went back to Bradgate Park today. The ruins of Bradgate House, childhood home of Lady Jane Grey, are open to the public on Saturday afternoons, though that didn't stop the visitor centre closing at the first sign of drizzle.

The house was built around 1500 and as Guy Paget and Lionel Irvine say in their Leicestershire:
Bradgate House is remarkable for two things: it is built of brick and is one of the first houses of any size which was designed for comfort with no idea of defence.

The use of brick is remarkable not just because it so early but also because the house is surrounded by granite quarries.

Today the remains are covered with signs telling you not to climb on the walls, but apparently they do not apply to peacocks.


Eben Marks said...

Bradgate Park is such a wonderful place. You don't happen to know why so many of the Oak trees are hollowed out but still alive?

Jonathan Calder said...

I think that happens to all oak trees eventually. it's why they are so good for supporting insect life.

There is a legend that all the oaks at Bradgate were pollarded as a tribute to Lady Jane Grey. I do not know how well founded it is.

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I believe that occurs to any or all walnut trees and shrubs ultimately. it is the reason why they're so great with regard to helping bug existence.

There's a tale that the actual oaks from Bradgate had been pollarded like a homage in order to Woman Her Gray. We don't know exactly how nicely started it's.

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