Monday, July 20, 2009

Samuel Danks Waddy

It has taken a while to get all the judges together, but we can now award Name of the 19th Century. And the winner is...

Samuel Danks Waddy.

Anna Raccoon, to whom this blog will be eternally grateful, has rediscovered him.

Wikipedia will tell you a little more about his career:

He was elected as the Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for Barnstaple, Devon on 3 February 1874 but resigned this seat in December 1879 to stand in a by-election in the Sheffield constituency, taking the seat on 21 December 1879. However he held the Sheffield seat for less than four months, being voted out by just 40 votes on 3 April 1880.

He was elected as MP for Edinburgh in 1882, and when that seat was abolished, he contested, but lost, the new Hallam seat at the 1885 general election.

On 7 July 1886, at the 1886 general election, he was elected as MP for the Brigg constituency in Lincolnshire. He held the seat until 1894 when he was appointed Recorder of Sheffield.

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James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

You can categorically confirm this isn't a spoonerism?