Sunday, July 12, 2009

Four centuries in a county championship innings

The ECB website says:
Kent became the first county in history to score four centuries in a championship innings against Surrey during Sunday’s run-spree at The Brit Oval.
Surely this can't be the first time it has happened?

Later. It's not. It also happened in Warwickshire v Yorkshire 1896 for a start. And I shall not be surprised if four is not the record.


Hywel said...

My Wisden book of cricket records lists about two pages of 4,5 & 6 centuries in an innings. Several of which appear to be County Championship matches.

Five or more had never been done in and English up to the end of the 1985 season (which is all it goes up to).

Maybe the grammar parsing means that they meant the first time it has happened against Surrey?

Jonathan Calder said...

That may well be it. In which case I apologise for doubting the ECB.

Has any side ever had six centurions in a county championship innings?

Klaus Westwood said...

It's pretty clear to me that it means against Surrey...

Hywel said...

Certainly not up till 1985. I can't recall one since then

crewegwyn said...

I was once involved (as the off-strike batsman) in an all-run seven; no overthrows. [It involved a boozed-up fielder and a stray dog]

As I recall the running was almost as exhausting as the laughing.

I wonder what the maximum scored off a single delivery in a higher grade of cricket than the Crewe Rail House Inter-Departmental 6-a-side circa 1980 might be?

Gawain said...

Perhaps the real curiosity of the Kent innings is that both opening batsmen appear to have been run out for 123?

According to Cricinfo, anyhow.