Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tories talking up the Greens in Norwich North by-election

Norfolk Blogger reports:
I had two emails at the weekend from Tories trying to convince me that the Greens were doing well despite the evidence on the streets being clearly the opposite. It was clear that these Tories wanted me to believe something that as a local, living and working in the constituency, was obviously untrue.
What is going on? His analysis is that:

It has been clear for some time that the Tory campaign in Norwich North has been to "play it safe", and hope that their core vote turns out over as evenly split an opposition as possible. However, it seems that their plans are becoming unravelled.

From what I have been told the Lib Dems have got clear traction in this campaign, clearly evident from the number of leaflets being delivered and the number of Lib Dem posters going up, and this has clearly got the Tories worried. One party breaking clear from the pack behind them is their greatest threat. So what is their response ? To talk up the Greens.

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Anonymous said...

vote blue - go green? variation on - maybe?