Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Useful Fiction quiz: Liveblogging the results

You join me in The Bonkers' Arms, where the two winners of the latest Liberal England prize quiz will soon be drawn.

Meadowcroft is in his usual corner, Lord Bonkers is holding court in the snug and - since you ask - mine is a pint of Smithson & Greaves Northern Bitter.

I should probably emphasise that, following our unfortunate experience with electronic systems last time, the two winning entries will be drawn from Lord Bonkers' second-best top hat.


Apparently we are waiting for a game of darts to finish before the draw can take place. It is being played to Rutland rules, of course.

And those poison tips certainly make for a lively contest!


While we are waiting, there is a chance for me to give you the results of the quiz.

1. After whom is the Barnett formula named?

Joel Barnett, now Lord Barnett, who was Chief Secretary to the Treasury between 1974 and 1979.

2. Who wrote?:

We are bought and sold for English gold -
What a parcel of rogues in a nation.
Robbie Burns.

3. In which year did the people of North East England vote against the establishment of a regional assembly in a referendum?


4. Who said of Enoch Powell?:
"Poor Enoch! Driven mad by the remorselessness of his own logic."

Iain Macleod.

5. Which MP is currently 326th in the line of succession to the British throne?

Ian Liddell-Grainger.

Congratulations to everyone who got all five right.


Good news: the darts match is over. A narrow win for a team of pygmy tribesmen from the upper Welland valley over Bonkers' Arms II there.

The draw will take place shortly.


The winning entries are being folded and placed in the hat.

In a charming move, the draw will not be made, not by Lord Bonkers, but by one of the Well-Behaved Orphans.

What a pretty little thing she is! And such nimble fingers!

No wonder she captains the orphanage three-card brag team.


So here we go.

The first winner is...


I believe it is now the done thing to leave a painfully long pause in such circumstances.


Anyway, the first winner is:

Dewi Harries


And the second winner is:

Geoff Dagger from Blackburn.


Congratualtions to the winners, commiserations to the losers and thank you all for entering.

The good news is that I should have another prize quiz soon - one for the film fans amongst you.

With that it is good night from The Bonkers' Arms.

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