Monday, July 27, 2009

Final call for James Robertson Justice quiz

My latest quiz closes at 23:59 tonight.

To be in with a chance of winning James Hogg's biography of James Robertson Justice (henceforth JRJ), identify these five films in which JRJ appeared and e-mail me the answers:

1. A story of British heroism with a celebrated score by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

2. In this Ealing Comedy JRJ, spoke the great line: "It's a well-known medical fact that some men are born two drinks below par."

3. This lesser-known Ealing Comedy starred a small boy called William Fox who grew up to be James Fox - and Billie Piper's father in law. (JRJ appeared under the pseudonym Seamus Mòr na Feusag.)

4. In this film JRJ asked "You - what's the bleeding time" and Dirk Bogarde replied "Ten past ten, sir."

5. A classic family musical that also featured Stanley Unwin, Max Wall and Benny Hill.

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