Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chandila Fernando attacks Tories over race

In light of the decision of Chamali and Chandila Fernando to join the Conservative Party, it is worth repeating what Chandila said about the Tories only last year.

Interviewed on Liberal Democrat Voice during his campaign to be elected as president of the Liberal Democrats he said:
I left the Tories for a number of reasons, but mainly because of their position on race and immigration. As the son of an immigrant myself, I am appalled by the way the Right often takes an extreme, populist and dangerous stance on these sensitive and explosive issues. I am a true liberal and feel at home in the Lib Dems. David Cameron may have given the Conservatives a new-look, but he has not fundamentally changed his party.
Chandila Fernando was also director of Liberal Vision when he stood for the Lib Dem presidency, but you wouldn't know it from that organisation's comment on this story.

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Left Lib said...

I will miss them both for their charisma. Potentially they could have gone far in the party.
On the other hand, as a family (ie including their father) they have been in and out of political parties over a number of years. As libertarians there is really no choice for them to be, unless they join the libertarian party. Mrs Thatcher was an economic libertarian, as was Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan. But if it is purity you want, join the Libertarian party. I doubt they will get many votes in the Norwich North by-election next Thursday, but it is very noticable that their candidate is just 18 years old. This creed is very trendy at the moment, and many of them believe they are the ultimate Liberals