Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Around the Lib Dem blogs

So what's been happening in the Liberal Democrat blogosphere while I have been wandering in the Fens?

Moments of Clarity condemned Nick Clegg for saying that Al-Megrahi should not have been released on compassionate grounds. I don't think Nick should have said that either.

Darrell, who writes Moments of Clarity, says Nick is jumping on a bandwagon. It seems more likely to me that someone has told him that he should sound a bit more right wing to appeal to swing voters in Lib Dem seats where the Tories are the challengers.

The ALDC blog looked forward to the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth next month, including the party's Campaigner Awards.

Mark Pack revealed the first mention of the internet in Hansard. It took place in 1990 and came from Emma Nicholson, then a Tory MP.

Stephen's Linlithgow Journal pointed out that Americans may find it harder to boycott Scotland than they think.

Jonathan Fryer suggested that David Cameron should be dating Angela Mirkel. "Does he have that much courage?" I hear you ask. In fact Jonathan was making the sage point that the Tories have isolated themselves from the mainstream of right-wing politics in Europe. If Cameron comes to power that will matter.

Meanwhile, much of the Conservative blogosphere seems to be in love with the appalling Sarah Palin.

Caron's Musings took the BBC to task for sensationalist headlines.

And Paul Walter's Liberal Burblings wrote about the Tory chairman who would accept a woman candidate is she were well fit innit.

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