Friday, August 28, 2009

The launch of In the Know

A website - In the Know - has been set up so that people working in the public services can send Nick Clegg their ideas for saving money in their workplace.

I am all in favour of consultation, but there are two things that worry me about this.

First, I share the view of Mark Littlewood that it would have been better to include the users of these services in the consultation too.

Second, this initiative does nothing to remove the impression that the Clegg leadership is light on policy. We heard little from him about it in the leadership campaign and have not heard a great deal since.

Nick is far from alone in this, but shouldn't he have a clearer idea of why he wants power? Too many modern politicians give the impression they have decided upon politics as a career and are now casting about for something that will prove popular with the public.

I also note that the website promotes Nick rather than the party as "a fresh start for Britain". I do hope he proves as popular with the public at the next election as his inner circle believes he will.

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