Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Theodore Cooke Taylor and Deirdre Razzall

At the start of the year I introduced you to Theodore Cooke Taylor (1850-1952) who holds the record for being the longest lived former MP. Today I can exclusively reveal that Taylor is the great great uncle of the editor of Liberal Democrat News.

Deirdre Razzall told me today that she never met him, but there is a family story about Theodore's 100th birthday party. He said to Deirdre's father: "You've got three little girls now, haven't you? And the youngest has a funny Celtic name."

She also believes that Theodore was an influential figure in the Liberal Party coming to be identified with profit sharing. It's a shame the Liberal Democrats have lost that belief.


Frank Little said...

Some Liberal Democrats have lost belief in profit-sharing.

Unknown said...

HaHa ^^^ my Great Great Uncle has a blog post about him. At home we have many letters he sent back from boarding school at silcoates, which I also went too (we Still live in the old family home in upper batley) including one story of how a boy had his ear pinned to the floor with a knife in the changing rooms!

So what are the Taylors' doing now? Well this taylor (I'm Freddie Taylor by the way) is carrying of the tradition of clothing. I've set up a company called BUNASAI (.com). Where's as my G G Uncle pioneered profit sharing my company supports a idea called Micro Finance, Check us out.