Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disused railway stations

Subterranea Britannica has a magnificent and growing index of disused railway stations, with photographs showing them in their heyday and on their last legs.

The photograph above shows the once-noble Crystal Palace High Level in South London in the early 1950s, shortly before it closed. The netting is to prevent debris falling on the waiting passengers.

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wolfi (the german steve winwood fan) said...

A very nice article, this reminded, that I stayed at the Crystal Palace campground way back in 1983, after I participated in the Science Fiction Eurocon in Brighton.

Does that campground still exist? I went from there via train or bus (don't remember exactly, probably bus) to central london and back. Whilst looking for a pub, I found the neighbourhood at Crystal Palace a bit, well provincial, like a small town or village...