Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A new discussion group for Lib Dem bloggers

Ryan Cullen - the man behind the invaluable LibDemBlogs aggregator - has set up an email group for Liberal Democrat bloggers.

There was a bit of a false start today as Ryan subscribed lots of people himself and there were some ructions - not unconnected with this gentleman.

Having gone off in a huff, I shall wait a couple of days and quietly resubscribe from my Gmail address. That will automatically sort the individual threads and may it more like a newsgroup where you can easily avoid topics that do not interest you.

This discussion group, where people will be able to discuss technical, legal and other questions about blogging, is obviously a Good Thing. But are there other things that can be done to help nourish the Lib Dem blogosphere?

Yesterday I entered some tentative doubts about how far the Blog of the Year Awards help, but maybe there is scope for a different event at Conference? One idea that attracts me is a blogging clinic where people can come along and ask advice or share ideas in person.

It is obviously too late to do anything for this year, but perhaps another year?


Mark Pack said...

Nice idea. Mind you, do we have to wait for a conference to come round, and indeed is conference the best venue?

Would a day social / training / sharing / chocolate eating session on a weekend at another time of year work better?

Jonathan Calder said...

Good point. I think it might well work better.

Mark Pack said...

Let's chat (and with others) at conference and see if we can come up with a plan.

Niles said...

Two thoughts about this, almost on topic:

a) ALDC are planning to have a day on their conference stand promoting their councillor blogging platform mycouncillor.org - they've asked for volunteers already using it to spend some time on their stand talking to people who might like to use it.

b) the "unconference" model is something I think the Lib Dems could use and make something of. I had a brief attempt at getting something together earlier in the year, but didn't give myself enough time - and set it up in an unfamiliar part of the country. All you need to do is provide a location with an internet connection, and let participants volunteer to run sessions in advance. A bloggers' clinic would fit well with that too.

A final thought: this also reminds me of a discussion we had at the first conference Liberal Drinks, which was that we ought to make it happen outside conference time and outside London.

Andrew Hickey said...

(Verification word is huffeco - strangely appropriate)

You don't have to wait to resub. He actually unsubscribed *everyone* and it's now one where you have to voluntarily subscribe, so it might already be much quieter (I haven't yet bothered resubscribing).