Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad news from Leicester

I am writing this in an internet cafe in King's Lynn and things are not looking so good back home.
The Leicester Mercury reports:

A final attempt to block the demolition of Leicester's iconic Bowstring Bridge has failed.

English Heritage has decided it will not list the structure, meaning it cannot be protected from being pulled down by the city council next month.

Leicester Civic Society has waited six months for the result of its application and will now struggle to save the Victorian landmark.

The Bowstring Bridge, which is at the city end of Braunstone Gate, has to be dismantled so that De Montfort University can build a new swimming pool and sports centre on land in Duns Lane.

It will also probably mean the end of the area's popular Pump and Tap pub, which is on part of the site that the university will develop.

We phoned De Montfort University for a comment and got a lot of shrieking laughter followed by something about "plans for world domination" in a foreign accent.

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