Sunday, August 09, 2009

My favourite Liberal England posts of the year

Stephen Tall on Liberal Democrat Voice is inviting Lib Dem bloggers to nominate their favourite posts from their own blogs over the past year. This is aid the judging in the "best posting" category in the Lib Dem Blog of the Year Awards.

He writes:
This is actually my favourite award for the simple reason that it recognises writing talent, pure and simple. By which I don’t mean that the prose has to be worthy of a Booker nomination; rather that the article has to attract, engage and provoke readers – elevate our thinking, if you like.
Last year the New Statesman described this blog as:
an eclectic mix of musical choices, random news items from Shropshire (where he doesn’t live), and political news and views. It’s also a mine of information on Liberal Party history and characters.
So, concentrating on the political views, here are five posts from the last year that bear a second read:
A couple of these first appeared in print (David Miliband goes bananas in Liberal Democrat News; Trainspotting, autism and what it means to be normal in Clinical Psychology Forum) which may be against the spirit of the competition, if not the rules.

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