Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tory of the Day: Cllr Dan Kavanagh

The Argus gets our attention with the headline:
Sussex councillor partied with "hot natives" on break from town hall
The story turns out to relate to Tory councillor Dan Kavanagh, who was given permission for a six-month leave of absence from Crawley Borough Council due to “business commitments” in Portugal.

But, and here I quote the West Sussex County Times:
his fuming opponents on Crawley Borough Council say he should quit the town hall after he posted a tale of 'beautiful weather, hot women, and jugs of sangria' on Facebook during a leave of absence from his post to 'work' abroad.
Well, all work and no play and all that. But Mr Kavanagh does sound quite a lad. Says the Argus:
Tory councillors defended Coun Kavanagh, who made national headlines in 2007 when it was revealed he owned a website selling saucy underwear.
At least there is no danger of his becoming a dictator.

Later. Now see this...

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