Friday, August 28, 2009

Trinity Bridge, Crowland

The other day I showed you the ruins of Crowland Abbey in the background of one photograph - more of that another time.

But Crowland has another remarkable feature: the Trinity Bridge. It was built in the 14th century to cross the rivers that then flowed through the town. Today the Welland runs a mile to the west.

There is an interesting article by R. A. Waters on the repair and stabilisation of the bridge carried out in 2002 (pdf).


Anonymous said...

Hi i have always loved loking atthe trinity Bridge since i first saw it onyl about5 years ago just recently it has in my view been totally disfigured by the hideous looking hand rail. I think the health and safety laws have out done themselves now. a simple sign saying climb at own risk would have been sufficent. When you see the bridge the first thing you see is the tacky hand rail and not the bridge.

Beatta said...

Hi, I was there last weak, impressed by the bridge and catedral :)