Friday, August 07, 2009

Fear and loathing in Edinburgh West

A couple of weeks ago John Barrett announced that he will be standing down as MP for Edinburgh West at the next election.

SNP Tactical Voting alleges that this is causing ructions amongst Edinburgh Lib Dems:

Kevin Lang, the Lib Dem candidate for Edinburgh North & Leith, is alleged to be very annoyed at the news that John Barratt is retiring as the MP for the neighbouring Edinburgh West constituency.

Apparently Kevin has lived in Edinburgh West all of his life and the pair recently had a big conversation about Kevin's future and Barratt basically said that he had no plans of going anywhere anytime soon so Lang should stick in with another seat.

Kevin is well and truly confirmed as the Lib Dem candidate in North & Leith, Barratt is due to step down from Ed West so Kevin can't go for the highly attractive vacancy.

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Stephen Glenn said...

LOL. I think Jeff is like many outsiders taking this spin on things. When Kevin and Alex Cole-Hamilton are heads down working away at building the next Lib Dem empire in the North of the city.

Watch out for three Lib Dem MPs from Edinburgh coming to the green benches soon including Kevin Lang.

Unknown said...

If you do link through to the SNP Tactical Voting story, please be sure to read Kevin Lang's response in the comments, which should put this piece of mischief making to bed.

The SNP are making ridiculous claims about where they could win which have no relation to fact.

In 2007, the Lib Dem vote went up over 10%, which is an amazing result for the two years of hard work put in my Kevin and his team. In that election, the SNP did not even manage to regain their vote from the 1999 election, in an election that they won nationally. It's very clear, therefore, that they are nowhere in North and Leith and that the challenger to Labour at the General Election is Kevin Lang.