Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lynne Featherstone goes to school

Lynne Featherstone has a posting describing a visit she paid today to a summer school that the independent Highgate School runs for children from state schools in Camden and Haringey. She says it is intended, amongst other things, to "raise horizons" and reports that:
two of the girls from Haringey 6th form college, said it was fantastic to be able to learn in a learning environment where they didn't get put down for being interested in studying.
This is all very depressing. Why can't state schools raise children's horizons off their own bats? And if you get put down for being interested in study even in a sixth form college, what hope is there for the state system?

Meanwhile the country is being taken over by nonentities from public schools. Time for a rethink?


Lynne Featherstone MP said...

Yes - it was a depressing comment. But the issue is - how to change that. Clearly these two girls (who were picked out to benefit from the offer of special coaching at Highgate summer school)should be able to feel that they get the support and teaching they need on a daily basis at the 6th form college. I didn't have long to talk to them as their tutorial was waiting to start - but the impression I got was that they felt held back. I don't know - too much of a snapshot to make judgements - but will take it to David Laws to look at.

Lynne Featherstone MP said...

Addendum to last comment - is that when I say teaching and support - clearly the college is aware that they have these very bright and committed girls and by sending them on this course are trying to meet their needs - but how on earth do you deal with such a range so that all benefit?