Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adrian Hicks and the Winchester alien: A video

Back in June I carried the news that a Liberal Democrat councillor from Winchester, claims to have seen an alien in the city's High Street one Saturday afternoon in 2004.

I have now found the video of an interview with Adrian Hicks, the councillor in question. It is on his own website:

The Interview is the second video of the three recorded and edited by Vinci Recorders by request of Councillor Adrian Hicks. The Interview is a short video of a mixture of questions ranging from personal, private and in-depth questions about the event that took place.

The video was recorded in early August 2009 and was prepared for publication in early December 2009. Unfortunately the video had been leaked by an unknown source on the 13th October 2009. Councillor Adrian Hicks and Vinci Recorders have agreed to allow the leaked version to remain online and will still be releasing the video in early December 2009.

Winchester seems to be a centre of UFO activity: see Colin Andrews on The Winchester Cluster.


David said...

Could this be the explanation for Mark Oaten's bizarre behaviour - alien abduction ?

S Martin said...

Adrian has seen something that he was not able to explain, this has made him look into the history of the phenomenon that he has been exposed to. If you actually look into this stuff, read the testimonies, from the 200+ witnesses that were in Roswell during the summer of 1947 you begin to see our history in a rather different light.

I applaud Adrian for making a courageous effort to put right mistakes from our past.