Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simon Carr: The movie

The film The Boys are Back opened last month in the USA. It is based on the book The Boys are Back in Town by Simon Carr, the Independent's parliamentary sketchwriter.

In it Carr tells the story of bringing up his two sons from different marraiges after the death of his second wife. The Carr character is played in the film by Clive Owen. Carr is an engaging man - I have had dinner with him - but he is nothing like Clive Owen.

Still, film-forward likes his performance:
Clive Owen is perhaps the paramount reason to see the film. His performance is a minor revelation after years of action films (Shoot ’Em Up) and thrillers (Duplicity). Owen makes a character that comes with clichés—a tough, no-nonsense, sometimes drinker—fascinating to watch at every turn. Joe is sensitive and loving but only sparingly, as he also has to be tough and strong for his sons.

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