Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did anyone record the 1959 election results programme?

Anne Unwin wrote to me this morning:

Can anyone help? Watching the 1959 General Election coverage on the BBC Parliament Channel last week I was amazed to see how crucial the result in Manchestor Gorton was because it was such a marginal seat. I was four at the time of the election and the footage showed my father who was Konni Zilliacus's election agent.

We did not even have a TV in 1959 and weren't aware of film's existence. The BBC cannot supply me with a copy of the programme but we wondered if someone out there had recorded it. We will pay any expenses to get hold of a copy and show it to my 90 year old mum. My dad died in 1992 and my sons barely recall him so they too want to see it.

I remember a lot about the campaign as Zilly and Janey Zilliacus stayed with us for a month and every evening my father went to the committee rooms straight from work and my mum and I walked there with his tea.

If you can help please email Anne Unwin directly.

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